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The Trick to Making Iced Coffee in your Keurig

There's nothing quite like iced coffee on a hot summer day. But how? Of course iced coffee isn't really any different... it's just brewed and then cooled off by pouring it over ice cubes, right? Well, sort of.

The trick is to think ahead. After that ice melts, it's gonna make your coffee a lot weaker. So...

Tip #1: Start with a strong coffee K-cup! Use a medium to dark roast (which typically has a stronger flavor), and choose a brand that has a reputation for stronger flavor. Or look for those with high "body" ratings on Single-Serve-Direct's Taste-O-Meter rating.

Tip #2: Use a glass, not a mug. (A mug holds heat longer). And start with about 1/3 cup of crushed ice in your glass--don't overdo it at this point. If you are using ice cubes, maybe 1/2 cup. (The cubes will take slightly longer to melt, so crushed ice is better if you have it.)

Tip #3: Brew using the SMALLEST cup setting size. For many brewers, this is still something like 9.5 ounces of water. That's probably too much by the time you factor in the melting ice. So have another glass handy and 'swap them out' near the end. Then just dump those last few ounces... yeah, that weak, watery stuff. You don't need it! Now you have just 7-8 ounces of extra strong coffee that will stand up to being diluted over some ice.

Tip #4: That first round of ice will melt quickly. If it's still a bit lukewarm at this point, set your angelic creation into a larger pot of cold water for a minute. The glass will cool off quickly. Then drop a few more ice cubes in and you are ready to rock.

Alternatively... you could just pop your glass into the freezer for 15 minutes instead of using the cold water. But hey, we're using Keurigs here... ;) Who's got the patience to wait an extra 15 minutes?